10 Tips to Prevent Ticks whereas Hiking — Our Family Hikes


Top 10 Tips to forestall Ticks or “tick tacks” as our ladies name them 😆
Last yr I checked out a really informative dwell chat between @rozannapurcell and @ticktalkireland over on @thehikelife web page all about Ticks, Lyme Disease and what to do when you discovered one on you or your pet.

Our Hiking Tick historical past with Kids

I beforehand had by no means come throughout a Tick in all my years of climbing, taking part in sports activities and out of doors actions and I wouldn’t have recognized what to do if I did. Fast ahead a number of months after watching the @ticktalkireland video and each our ladies had a tick on their tummies, at the exact same time 🤢.

Luckily we had our tick removers, froze the ticks in a zipper lock bag, disinfected the realm and watched out for all of the indicators of Lyme Disease. Thank God, they have been each excellent and we now have by no means come throughout one since 🙏

Pictures of the Ticks

Below I’ll share some suggestions and data, however to study extra observe @ticktalkireland

tips to prevent ticks

The image above is the very place the place the ladies bought the ticks, strolling by means of the lengthy grass, their tops will need to have lifted and the ticks latched onto their tummies.

What do Ticks seem like?

What does a Tick look like on a human?

Picture 2 above exhibits the Tick buried headfirst into our child’s tummy 🤢🙈

What to make use of to take away Tick?

tips to prevent ticks

The Picture exhibits the Tick Removers and Repellent Spray that we use. We used the Tick removers to take away the ticks in our child’s tummies and located them very efficient.

The above image exhibits #ourlittlehikers repellent bracelet. We discover the bracelet superb and he or she loves carrying it.

How to Prevent Ticks on Humans whereas Hiking

  1. Use a Repellent Spray. I spray all our climbing boots, baggage and kit earlier than a Hike.
  2. When you may put on pants, tuck them into your socks and tuck your t-shirts into your pants too.
  3. Try to keep away from lengthy grass when you can (though they can be briefly grass and woodland areas)
  4. Try strolling within the centre of the woodland paths
  5. When attainable, attempt to sit in your climbing bag, pad, blanket (shake it out afterwards) or a stone when having picnics.
  6. Do a fast Tick Check earlier than entering into the automotive to go residence.
  7. If you discover a tick, don’t panic, use your tick remover (we hold ours in a zipper lock bag in our 1st assist equipment in our Hiking bag)
  8. Remove the tick with the tick remover by getting near the pores and skin the place the top is hooked up and easily pull in an upwards path, then disinfectant the realm and your palms.
  9. Place the tick in a ziplock bag and write the title of the individual, date and site on the bag and put it into your freezer whenever you get residence. By placing the tick in a zipper lock bag within the freezer it could assist lots when you begin to develop any signs within the coming days like flu signs or typically not at all times a rash can seem or a bulls-eye rash. If this occurs name your Doctor and they’ll do blood exams, check the frozen tick for any illnesses like Lyme Disease and perhaps provide you with antibiotics and many others.
  10. Get a bathe whenever you’re residence out of your hike and do a greater tick verify. Make positive to verify the next locations
    • legs, ankles
    • behind the knees
    • across the waistline, bellybutton
    • armpits
    • Back of neck, hairline, inside and behind the ears.

Check your Dogs for Ticks

Also, make sure you verify your animals too.
I’m no professional in Ticks, so to study extra or when you have any questions take a look at @ticktalkireland


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