Safety Tips Camping In Bear Country


Here are security suggestions whereas tenting in bear nation. Wild animals are superior … except your expertise turns into too private, particularly if you happen to encounter a bear. Camping security is paramount for most individuals. Ironically, a number of the most exhilarating moments of tenting enjoyable embrace doubtlessly harmful wildlife!

Imagine taking a leisurely stroll a brief distance out of your campsite and searching as much as see a bear! That occurred to our buddies on a latest camp journey … yikes! Everything turned out tremendous so I made a decision I needed to share this life-saving data with you!

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Tips For Camping In Bear Country

This bear nation tenting security information will aid you:

  • Identify indicators signaling bears are within the space.
  • Understand typical bear behaviors.
  • Learn RV and automotive tenting bear security methods.
  • Discover learn how to camp in bear nation.
  • Understand learn how to retailer meals when tenting in bear nation.
  • Know what to do to outlive an encounter with a bear in campgrounds and the backcountry.
  • Choose tenting bear safety merchandise.
  • Know what to do if a bear approaches you.
  • Know what to do if a bear assaults you.
  • Be conscious of laws and fines associated to RV and tent tenting in bear nation.

Signs You Are Camping In Bear Country

  • Know The Local Area. 
    • Where you’re tenting?
    • What sort of wildlife are you able to anticipate to come across?
    • Research the native space to organize for wildlife encounters.
      • If you’re tenting in National Parks, State Parks or Local Parks, try their web sites to be taught specifics in regards to the space.
      • Talk to camp hosts and rangers for directions. Many native areas which have bears, like tenting in Arizona’s White Mountains, share detailed details about native bears and tenting security.
      • Comprehensive information books are additionally nice instruments for journey planning and analysis concerning native animal habitats, seasonality and behaviors of bears and different wildlife chances are you’ll encounter in your tenting journey.
  • Bears Leave Clues.
    • Shredded logs, tracks on the bottom and bear poop (formally referred to as scat however I simply can’t appear to convey myself to make use of that phrase LOL) are all indicators that you’re in bear nation.
    • Heed the warnings when bears let you recognize you’re on their turf.
Signs You Are Camping In Bear Country Bears Leave Clues Safety Tips - Camping For Foodies .com

Understanding Bear Behaviors

  • Bears Know You Are There Before You Know About Them.
    • Bears will often odor or hear you and go away the realm lengthy earlier than you see them.
    • Understanding the pure habits of bears will aid you keep away from unsafe encounters with them.
  • Bears Are Smart About Food. 
    • After a bear learns folks have meals, you could be certain they’re pleased to take pleasure in a meal if you happen to give them the chance.
    • Unfortunately, many bears that stay close to human-centered areas, like campgrounds, are good in regards to the meals out there there too.
  • Bears Prepare For Winter. 
    • Bears prefer to eat so that they have to organize for the “slow season” of winter.
    • They must forage as much as 20 hours/day in late summer season and fall!!!
    • What which means for campers: Avoid organising camp or mountaineering on trails that undergo berry patches and different pure meals sources throughout these seasons.
  • Bears Usually Don’t Attack.
    • Bears are extremely smart and reply to every scenario individually.
    • They often don’t assault except they really feel threatened or cornered.
  • Bears Will Check You Out.
    • Do you recognize what it means when a bear stands up on its hind legs? It is checking you out!
    • It is attempting to get a greater look and odor of the environment to establish you.
  • Mama Bears Protect Their Babies. 
    • If you see cubs, their mom is often close by … go away the realm instantly.
    • Mothers won’t hesitate to guard their infants and also you don’t need any a part of that “Mama Bear” factor! 😉
Mama Bears Protect Their Babies Safety Tips While Camping In Bear Country - Camping For Foodies .com

Tips To Bear-Proof Your Campsite And Camp Activities

Choose scent-free private grooming merchandise. Why?

Everyday objects like scented soaps, gum, toothpaste, sunscreen, candles and bug repellent all entice bears.

 Scent-A-Way Liquid Body Soap & ShampooScent-A-Way Liquid Body Soap & Shampoo ScentStop ToothpasteScentPrevent Toothpaste ScentStop AntiperspirantScentPrevent Antiperspirant


How To Camp In Bear Country

Some tenting areas, like Yosemite National Park, set out traps for the bears that wander into the customer areas of the park … then … safely relocate them to the non-populated areas.

Bear Trap Located In Yosemite National Park by CampingForFoodies features a bear trap on a trailer with wheels and a sign indicating, danger bear trap, it is located in a wooded area within Yosemite National Park and text over the image that reads bear trap located in Yosemite National Park.

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  • Don’t Stay In An Area With Evidence Of Bear Activity.
    • Always search for bear exercise BEFORE organising your campsite. 
    • If there are indicators a bear has visited the realm just lately … go away instantly.
  • Dispose Your Trash Properly. 
    • Many campgrounds in bear nation present bear-proof trash containers.
    • If these containers are full or don’t exist, double-bag your trash and lock it inside your trunk or RV.
    • Don’t go away trash in a tent, soft-sided camper, within the open mattress of a truck or outdoors.
  • Store Non-Trash Items Safely. 
    • Bears are interested in something that has a scent.
    • In addition to meals and drinks, frequent objects that entice bears embrace scented soaps, gum, toothpaste, sunscreen, candles, insect repellent and odor-soaked clothes worn whereas cooking meals. 
    • Store this stuff in bear bins/meals lockers if they’re out there at your campsite; if they aren’t out there, use hermetic containers and lock this stuff in your trunk or RV.
  • Keep A Clean Camp.
    • Bears will examine something that may comprise meals so be sure to wash surfaces and take away meals scraps and grease out of your campsite space.
  • Be Cautious About Attracting Other Wildlife.
    • Just as a result of you recognize learn how to entice hummingbirds to your campsite, that doesn’t imply you must while you’re in bear nation. The candy nectar in hummingbird feeders brings the birds however it could additionally entice the bears. Some bear-country campgrounds prohibit the usage of hummingbird feeders. Check with the authorities concerning laws and suggestions earlier than you attempt to entice any wildlife to your campsite.
  • Lock Your Vehicles. 
    • Anytime you permit your campsite and earlier than you fall asleep for the evening, shut the home windows and lock the doorways of your automobile and RV.
  • Leash The Dogs And Guard The Kids. 
    • When canine are allowed to roam backcountry mountaineering trails or round campsites, they will unintentionally shock a bear … and … bears DON’T prefer to be stunned!
    • Protect everybody by protecting your canine on a leash.
    • Likewise, don’t let children run forward or fall behind; and, educate them what to do in the event that they see a bear.
  • Don’t Approach Bears. 
    • If you’re lucky sufficient to see a bear, observe it from a secure distance … don’t strategy it or provide it meals.
  • Be Alert, Look And Listen. 
    • Windy circumstances, dashing water and different campers can obscure the noise from bears so deliberately hear for bears that is perhaps in your basic neighborhood.
    • Also, maintain a lookout for bear exercise particularly when visibility is proscribed due to climate or decreased daylight.

How To Store Food When Camping In Bear Country

Storing your meals correctly will maintain you and the bears secure!

National Parks, like Yosemite, do an excellent job of reminding guests that they’re in bear nation with useful instructional data to maintain everybody secure.

Food Storage Camping Bear Safety Tips by CampingForFoodies features a large display made out of plywood of a car and bear breaking in to take food and with a real car door mounted on it with the words on the door stating, Warning this could happen to your vehicle, it is located in a wooded area within Yosemite National Park and text over the image that reads food storage camping bear safety tips.

Your aim is to maintain bears wild when you are tenting in there territory.

  • Don’t retailer meals in your automotive or tent.
  • Do retailer meals in a meals locker any time you aren’t utilizing it.
  • Keep your meals locker closed and latched always.
  • When the meals is outdoors of the locker, maintain it inside arm’s attain.

How To Survive A Bear Encounter


How To Survive A Bear Encounter Safety Tips While Camping In Bear Country - Camping For Foodies .com

The Number 1 Rule when encountering a bear whereas tenting is to NEVER PLAY DEAD! What to do subsequent depends upon whether or not the bear is approaching you or not.

What To Do If You Encounter Campground Bears.

  • If a bear comes into your camp, attempt to chase it away by letting it know you’re there.
    • Your aim is to warn a bear that people are within the space. 
  • Make certain the bear has an escape route and make some noise by yelling or blowing a automotive horn, air horn, or whistle.
  • NEVER run, climb a tree or play lifeless.

What To Do If You Encounter Bears In The Backcountry.

  • Let the bear establish you and go away.
    • To do that, keep calm and speak in a traditional tone of voice. 
    • Be certain the bear has an escape route and slowly wave your arms overhead.
  • If the bear huffs or stomps a paw, it’s telling you to provide it area.
    • Maintain visible contact and proceed trying on the bear whereas slowly backing away till the bear is out of sight.
  • NEVER run, climb a tree or play lifeless.

Carry Camping Bear Protection Products

Gear that may aid you if you happen to encounter a bear contains emergency whistles, security horns and bear spray.

NOTE: Bear spray could also be unlawful in sure tenting areas so that you’ll must examine with the jurisdiction of your specific camp spot.

 Bear SprayBear Spray Emergency WhistlesEmergency Whistles Safety Air HornSafety Air Horn


What To Do If A Bear Actually Approaches You.

  • Stand your floor in opposition to an approaching bear.
    • Some bears are literally aggressive however extra generally they’re in search of a meals handout.
    • Try to discourage the bear by yelling or throwing small rocks within the route of the bear.
    • NEVER feed a bear.
  • If the bear continues to strategy, get out your bear spray and be prepared to make use of it when the bear is about 30 toes away.
    • CAUTION: Some National Parks and different companies prohibit the usage of bear spray so examine the native laws earlier than you go!
  • NEVER run, climb a tree or play lifeless.

What To Do If A Bear Attacks You.

  • FIGHT BACK and use no matter is obtainable to defend your self from an attacking bear, DON’T PLAY DEAD! 
    • People have survived bear assaults with objects so simple as pen knives, mountaineering poles, and even utilizing solely their naked fingers.

Regulations And Fines In Bear Country

For the security of bears and people, tenting in bear nation comes with regulatory restrictions and fines if guidelines are damaged. It is vital to analysis particular person campsite areas for particular guidelines. You will discover some areas don’t permit the usage of bear spray, others have particular guidelines concerning meals storage … for instance, at Yosemite National Park one can find the next on their web site: “Please note that these food storage regulations have the force and effect of federal law: Failure to store your food properly may result in impoundment of your food or car and/or a fine of up to $5,000 and/or revocation of your camping permit.”

So you see, they take this bear stuff very significantly. Do your homework so that you don’t go hungry and must pay the federal government to remove your meals and your automobile! 😉

That stern warning from the Yosemite web site would possibly make you a bit nervous about going there … however … there isn’t a motive to hesitate … that place is magnificent and you really want to go no less than as soon as!

Check out our Yosemite National Park Must See Attractions VIDEO And Tips publish to see a lot of causes you’ll suppose so too!

Yosemite National Park Must See Attractions VIDEO And Tips By CampingForFoodies

More Tips For Your Safety

Bears will not be the one hazard you face within the nice open air.

Learn learn how to shield your private security whereas tenting from all types of threats … man, beast and past!

Personal Safety While Camping by CampingForFoodies features a camp scene in a remote wooded area in the mountains with three camp chairs set up and two people relaxing in them next to a tent under a bright blue sky with text over the image that reads personal safety while camping.

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