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Okay, so I’ve already shared loads of tips about my favourite issues to do and locations to see in Israel, however one of many issues I haven’t coated is the language. The very first time I traveled to Israel, I shortly change into fascinated with the language.

But not in such a optimistic means. Israel has two official languages: Hebrew and Arabic. The sounds are related, each learn right-to-left, however when you take a look at the letters, the 2 languages seem fairly totally different. That’s as a result of Hebrew makes use of block letters and Arabic makes use of script.

If you take a look at many (however surprisingly not all) of the road indicators in Tel Aviv, you’ll shortly discover the issues of a rustic with two languages.

hebrew sign in tel aviv

And truthfully, when you ask me, the Arabic script is surprisingly stunning whereas the Hebrew letters come throughout as huge and clunky. In speech, I all the time most well-liked the sound of Arabic over Hebrew. But in Tel Aviv, you’ll discover Hebrew to be the go-to language.

Also essential to notice is that virtually everybody in Israel and even Palestine converse completely effective English. In Israel it’s even extremely seemingly that the Israelis you is perhaps talking to are literally American—ones who’ve made Aliyah. Made what now?!

Yeah, that’s what I felt the primary time I heard the phrase in Israel. That’s why beneath you’ll discover a random collection of the Hebrew phrases and phrases that you just’re more likely to come throughout.

I’ve tried to easily share their meanings however with some useful tips about how and why you might need to make use of these Hebrew phrases.

hebrew alphabet
Hebrew Alphabet

Hebrew Words for Travelers to Israel

So with Hebrew being a unique alphabet and all, there are some English-ified phrases based mostly on pronunciation. That’s what you see beneath.

Basic Hebrew for Travelers

Literally means “peace” and when you study one phrase to make use of in Israel, make it this one. Used for hellos and goodbyes, and loads of different makes use of in between.

Alright, that is your fundamental “cool”, “great”, “alright”. A phrase to make use of everytime you actually really feel like. I primarily see its’ use as just like superior in USA English. Want to go to the seaside? Sababa. Want to experience bikes? Sababa. Want to make out on the roof? Sababa.

When superior is an excessive amount of, however you don’t need to flip down that make-out session. This is a extra impartial phrase for “let’s do that. Okay, every little thing’s so as.

Chen & Lo
Yes & no. Tip: Chen is pronounced “ken.” Just think about you’re saying sure to Ken.

Ma nishmá
What’s up? Friendly means of asking pals “do you want to go to the beach and have a good time, maybe buy some cheap beers and make up funny stories about the tourists on the beach?” Also associated: Ma koreh (what’s taking place?)

Ech holech
How’s it going? Just one other means of claiming the same-ol’, same-ol’.

Toda (additionally Toda Raba)
Thanks and “Thanks a lot!” This is a enjoyable phrase to say as a result of it sounds such as you’re a 5-year-old who’s simply completed a dance recital. Ta-da!

Be te’avon
If you wish to eat, you’ll study this one fast. It’s Hebrew for Bon Apetit!

The toast/cheers while you clink beer glasses, it interprets “to life!”

Spend sufficient time round Israelis and also you may shortly uncover an innate sense of brusqueness. But that doesn’t imply they keep away from fundamental manners. Bevakasha is the Hebrew phrase for please.

Lest you overlook you’re within the Middle East, study slicha early in your journey. It’s Hebrew for excuse me or sorry! You’ll use it when chopping in entrance of individuals in queues, when brushing previous them on the crowded Tel Aviv boulevards, and when climbing over different passengers within the Israel public transport.

When one thing goes nicely, say tov — it’s Hebrew for “good” and has loads of makes use of in on a regular basis conversations.

Boker tov — Good morning

Laila tov — Good night

Mazel tov — Good fortune (actually) however you’ll realize it as a congratulatory phrase from popular culture

See you / bye. As in adios, amigo!

Like the Hebrew phrase tov, nachon has loads of makes use of. It might translate as “right” or “correct”, however in a pleasant, informal means, often in reply to a brand new pal’s ridiculous suggestion. Person A: Let’s get some hash and go to a rave within the desert! Person B: Nachon.

Tel Aviv Israel

Fun Hebrew Words

Ach shely (or Achi)
In American frats you’ve bought “brah”, and in Israel, you’ve bought ach shely. Roughly interprets as “My Brother” (or Brother).

Arsim (or Ars)
There are chavs in England, bogans in Australia, douchebag gangsters & white trash in America and arsim in Israel. Like obscenity, you’ll realize it while you see it.

Slang for man, for while you’re simply not already sufficient of a machismo.

Other Words Worth Knowing for Travel Within Israel

Shabbat (additionally Shabbos)
The Jewish holy day, when you’re in Israel on a Friday night, you’ll have loads of alternatives to find out about Shabbat. If you ask round, I’m positive you possibly can get invited to a Shabbat dinner. And when you do, you then’ll have to know the subsequent Hebrew phrase…

Shabbat Shalom (additionally Good Shabbos)
The Jewish greeting on Shabbat.

That’s the foreign money. It’s a enjoyable phrase, don’t you suppose? Good luck determining the conversion. It’s all the time been at an odd quantity once I visited, which makes fast conversions in my head reasonably tough.

One of these uncommon, quirky stuff you’ll solely discover in Israel, a Kibbutz is traditionally a collective neighborhood based mostly across the Utopian beliefs of harmonious dwelling. Farming is commonly important to the success of a Kibbutz and also you’ll discover them scattered all through Israel’s countryside.

Many are house to nice eating places and cafes, and even unusual amusements like an ostrich farm (one I went to close the Sea of Galille). It’s attainable to volunteer at a Kibbutz the place you’re employed in your room & board (plus a small wage) but it surely usually requires a minimal 3-month contract. So when you’re on a brief journey, it’s attainable to go to independently or on day journeys & excursions from Jerusalem.

Sheruts are primarily shared taxis. You’ll discover them as public transport between most main cities in Israel, but additionally as a substitute for Tel Aviv’s complicated public transportation. They’re typically simpler and extra handy than the precise authorities public transportation—and definitely worth the few additional shekels.

This isn’t a Hebrew phrase, but it surely’s a factor value realizing about it relying upon while you go to. The Birthright program is a program arrange for younger Jews around the globe (famously America) to come back to Israel.

Essentially when you can show you’re Jewish (which may be reasonably sophisticated), this affiliation affords you a 10-day, all-expenses paid journey round Israel. Thousands of Birthright vacationers arrive yearly, mostly in the summertime, but additionally in December and January.

The Birthright program permits candidates from 18-26 and has a number of restrictions. If you’re only a vacationer your self in Israel, you’ll seemingly bump right into a Birthright group or two—they’re laborious to overlook. (Note: I’ve by no means taken a Birthright journey myself, however they’re almost inconceivable to overlook.)

Making Aliyah
If you run into sufficient Birthright excursions in Israel, then it is a phrase you may hear so much. Making Aliyah refers back to the means of immigration to Israel for Jews. As a comparatively small nation, Israel gives citizenship to Jews around the globe.

There’s so much that goes into this topic, and nothing I actually care to speak about — however realizing the truth that if somebody says they’re “considering making Aliyah” — simply know that it means they’re contemplating immigrating to Israel.

Yeah that’s an enormous, loaded phrase, proper there. Zionism is actually Jewish nationalism for a Jewish state in what’s Israel right now.

Zionists usually consider that they need to immigrate to the Jewish homeland. For higher or worse, it’s a phrase you need to most likely concentrate on when touring in Israel. There are entire books on the historical past of Zionism in addition to critics and supporters of the motion & ideology.

* * *

Did you get pleasure from this submit on helpful Hebrew phrases and phrases? How do you discover utilizing the language when touring in Israel?

Editor’s Note: The first version of this information mistakenly neglected the phrase used when clinking beer glasses.


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