How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener (6 Different Ways)

How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener (6 Different Ways)

Just as you’re about to make some baked beans, you notice that your can opener was left at house.

How may this occur? You even used a guidelines!

Well, there’s no level in beating your head about it now. What’s performed is finished. The actual query is – what to do now?

Lucky for you, I do know how one can resolve the issue! The identical factor occurred to me on my final tenting journey.

Of course, I solely realized it when it was too late. The solely factor I may do at that time was get inventive. And I actually did.

I attempted a bunch of various issues. Some of them labored, some didn’t.

Today, I’ll share with you some different choices you need to use to open a can and not using a can opener:

Opening Cans Without a Can Opener: 6 Different Methods

6 Different Methods Of Opening Cans Without a Can Opener

You’d be stunned what number of issues across the campsite can work as a substitute for a can opener.

Can’t consider something? Here are six strategies of opening cans with out an precise can opener:

1. Use a Metal Spoon

Use a Metal Spoon as a can opener

You may not have a can opener with you, however there’s a 99.9% probability you packed up utensils, together with a spoon.

Now I do know it would sound ridiculous, however a spoon is definitely skinny sufficient to pierce by way of the can but sturdy to not break within the course of.

For this, it needs to be fabricated from steel, not plastic.

Among all of the alternate options to a can opener, a spoon is unquestionably the most secure choice obtainable.

Compared to different choices, the spoon doesn’t have any sharp edges that you would be able to get harm on.

Of course, the opened can itself will be sharp sufficient to get lower on, so you want to watch out whatever the software you’re utilizing.

How to open a can with a spoon:

  1. Set the can on a sturdy floor, ideally on the top of your hips. Hold the can firmly in place with one hand, whereas the spoon is within the different.
  2. Your grip across the spoon ought to be agency, in order that it doesn’t bend when you begin making use of stress. Hold it across the half the place the spoon head meets the deal with – in any other case, that’s the half the place it may possibly bend.
  3. Position the tip of the spoon in opposition to the inside fringe of the can lid, at a 90-degree angle. Face it in order that the within of the spoon bowl is dealing with the lid of the can.
  4. Rub the tip forwards and backwards over a small space. This will create friction that may trigger the lid to slowly begin to get thinner.
  5. Once you pierce your method in, transfer to some different spots across the lid and do the identical factor. Do this on each inch or so.
  6. If the opening is giant sufficient, dig the spoon underneath the lid and check out prying it upwards.
  7. Continue doing this across the perimeter till the lid comes off.

2. Flat Rock or Rough Surface

Using a rough surface to open a can

Let’s say you’ve virtually nothing that may function a can opener different.

What if I informed you that you would be able to really use your environment to open it up? And I’m not saying about smashing it down with a rock.

To be sincere, this methodology can contain rocks, however it’s not as “smashing” as you may assume.

Basically, you want a tough floor, like a big rock and even concrete, that may work as sandpaper.

This methodology may require barely extra time than others, however hey, at the very least you gained’t stay hungry for for much longer!

Prepare some paper towels or cloths to wash up any spillage.

Since you’re working your method by way of the other way up, it’s virtually unavoidable to don’t have anything leaking onto the floor beneath.

How to open a can with a flat rock or tough floor:

  1. Position the can the other way up on the tough floor.
  2. Rub the can forwards and backwards in opposition to the floor, as if you happen to had been scrubbing the ground. This will create friction and skinny down the can lid.
  3. When you see moisture showing on the floor, this implies the lid is about to interrupt. This is the place you need to cease. Otherwise, the contents of the can will begin to leak out an excessive amount of.
  4. Grab a pocket knife, spoon or something comparable you might need at hand. At this level, the lid ought to be skinny sufficient so that you can pierce it. If you don’t have something, you may at all times seize a smaller stone that you just’ll use to knock the lid inwards.
  5. That’s all! The solely factor that’s left so that you can do is to wash up the mess you created whereas opening the can this fashion.

3. Pocket Knife

Using a Pocket Knife to open a tin can

If you’ve a pocket knife (or any regular-sized sharp knife for that matter), it’s also possible to use it to open the can.

This methodology is as shut because it will get to an actual can opener. It’s comparatively mess-free and, apart from the knife, requires a sturdy floor to place the can on.

While this methodology is slightly straightforward, be sure you’re additional cautious when utilizing the knife.

If you don’t preserve a agency grip and stress always, it may possibly slip and probably lower by way of the pores and skin.

Consider carrying gloves for additional security whereas working with a knife.

How to open a can with a pocket knife:

  1. Place the can on a sturdy and flat floor. Ideally, you need the floor to be across the top of your hips for higher management.
  2. Grad the knife in your dominant hand, and place it vertically in opposition to the inside fringe of the lid. Lock the knife into place with stress, in order that it doesn’t slip.
  3. Use your different hand to calmly smack the knife deal with. This will slowly pressure the knife in direction of the lid, finally piercing it. Don’t do it too onerous, because the knife may find yourself slipping and hurting you.
  4. Once you pierce your method in, scoot the knife over and do the identical factor once more. Continue doing so till you’ve pierced holes round the entire perimeter. This ought to make the lid free sufficient so that you can open it up.

4. Chefs Knife

How to use a Chefs Knife to open a tin can

If you’re assured in your knife abilities, it’s also possible to use a chef’s knife for opening the can.

For this methodology, it’s vital to solely use cooks and never a fillet or veggie knife.

The weight of the knife does half the job right here, so doing it with some other kind of knife wouldn’t be as efficient.

How to open a can with a kitchen knife:

  1. Place the can on a secure floor. Ideally, you need one thing that’s about the identical top as your hips.
  2. Grab the knife along with your dominant hand, gripping it the place the blade meets the deal with. Make certain your fingers are away from the sharp facet of the blade, so that you just don’t by chance harm your self. Keep your thumb on the facet of the blade, to forestall getting lower by the “heel.”
  3. While firmly holding the blade, place the heel on the sting of the lid. Forcefully, press it all the way down to piece the lid and create a gap.
  4. Do that for the entire perimeter of the lid. Once it will get free, you may pry it off. Place the blade underneath the lid and punctiliously pull it upwards.

5. Scissors

Scissors How to open a can without can opener

Scissors perhaps not be a staple in your tenting gear, however perhaps they made their method into your gear this time.

Your first help equipment also needs to characteristic scissors, as you’ll want them for chopping bandages.

To make this clear, not all scissors will work for this. You want a pair of steel ones which might be actually robust.

Basically, they need to be as hefty as backyard shears, that are virtually unbreakable. And I’m not even speaking concerning the blades.

It’s the hinge half that may simply snap while you put an excessive amount of stress on it.

How to open a can with scissors:

  1. Hold the scissors in your dominant hand. While retaining the scissor blades closed, place them vertically on the sting of the lid, with the highest of the blades dealing with down.
  2. Use your different hand to faucet the scissors on the highest a part of the deal with. You don’t need to smack too onerous, as scissors aren’t normally as sharp as another instruments on this listing, and may find yourself sliding and finally hurting you.
  3. Continue tapping till you pierce your method in. Then transfer to another level alongside the sting of the lid and repeat.
  4. Once the lid comes free, use the scissors to pry it open.

6. Using a Bike Tool

Let’s say you’re bike tenting. You absolutely have some bike instruments packed up within the occasion you want to do a fast repair.

In that case, there’s most likely a screwdriver or pointy plier in your bag. Well, any of those pointy objects can work for opening a can.

What’s additionally nice is that they’re not as sharp as knives, so there’s much less room for accidents.

This methodology is slightly much like utilizing a pocket knife or scissors, with a number of adjustments right here and there.

How to open a tin can with a motorcycle software or pliers:

  1. Place a can on a sturdy floor.
  2. Hold the software in your dominant hand, whereas retaining the can in place with the opposite one. If you’re utilizing pliers, open them up as you’ll use just one facet to pierce your method by way of.
  3. Start pounding with the sharp edge onto the sting of the lid in the identical spot, till you make a gap.
  4. Repeat the method across the perimeter, till the can lid feels free sufficient to be eliminated. Pry the lid open with the software, whereas retaining your fingers away from the sting of the lid.

How to Stay Safe While Opening a Can Without a Can Opener

Safety is vital, even with a correct can opener.

Personally, I by some means handle to get lower with just about any software.

I attribute that to my clumsiness and never sloppiness when working with totally different instruments, because it looks as if one can by no means be too cautious when doing that.

Wearing gloves whereas opening a can and not using a can opener is the naked minimal you are able to do to remain protected.

The majority of those alternate options have sharp edges that may harm you. In truth, the can itself is already too sharp, particularly when opened in any of those unconventional methods.

When working with these instruments, it’s finest to maintain the can on a sturdy floor that’s concerning the top of your hips.

This provides you essentially the most management over the grip, so there’s much less probability of the can slipping.

Never – and I can’t state this sufficient – maintain the can between your legs.

While that’s absolutely a secure place to work with, any of the instruments you is perhaps utilizing for can opening can slip by way of your fingers, probably hurting your legs.

When poking a can with a pointy software, at all times preserve your strikes small. Even although it would piece it sooner, chorus from swinging too excessive.

If you miss the spot by as little as 1/64 of an inch, you may by chance stab your self.


Is it protected to open a can with a knife?

Using a knife to open a can has its dangers. A pointy blade that may pierce by way of aluminum is unquestionably sharp sufficient to harm you as properly, so you actually should be additional cautious when working with such a software.

Always maintain the knife along with your dominant hand. If attainable, put on security gloves when working with a knife.

What do you do in case your can opener gained’t work?

If your can opener determined to budge on you, then strive any of those different strategies that give you the results you want.

There’s absolutely at the very least one factor from the listing you’ve at hand. If not, you may at all times resort to utilizing a tough floor and sanding the can.

How to open a can with a fork?

How to open a can with a fork

You can use a fork the identical method you’d use a spoon to open the can. But as a substitute of utilizing the top of the spoon to pierce the can, you need to use the deal with as a substitute.

A fork is far simpler to bend in comparison with a spoon, plus the deal with gives extra floor to use the stress.

What’s the best choice/methodology to open a can safely?

Among all of the alternate options listed, utilizing a chef’s knife might be the quickest and least sloppy strategy to open a can.

However, since that’s a really sharp software, you want to be additional cautious when utilizing it.

But so far as security goes, utilizing a spoon or tough floor is the least dangerous choice.

Except for the can itself, there’s nothing sharp to get lower on. Of course, if you happen to’re not centered, you may at all times by chance harm your self with any software.

How do you open a can with out instruments?

If you don’t have something in any respect, then use any tough floor yow will discover round.

This generally is a giant rock, however even concrete works. Turn the can the other way up, and sand the lid over the floor.

Over time, this could skinny it out so that may be pierced with slight stress.

How do you open a can with out ruining it?

No matter how cautious you’re, you’ll harm a can whichever methodology you determine on utilizing.

But with sharp instruments, like a knife or screwdriver, you’ll be capable of open it with precision and little or no harm.

To Sum Things Up

If you allow your can opener at house, it’s not the tip of the world. You most likely have some sharp instruments that you need to use as a substitute, comparable to a knife or a pair of scissors.

And even if you happen to actually don’t have anything, you may at all times discover some tough floor to make use of as a substitute.

Whichever methodology you determine on utilizing, be sure you’re taking all of the precautionary measures to open the can as safely as attainable.


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