Essential Arabic Words/Phrases to Help You in Your UAE Trip


When we go to any nation both as a vacationer or for different functions, language turns into a necessary factor for efficient communication. If we’re aware of the native language of the place we go to, there is no such thing as a doubt that it’ll assist us get round simply. The case of Dubai with its official language Arabic isn’t completely different. Though an English-speaking customer can simply get together with this contemporary metropolis, studying a couple of important Arabic phrases could make your journey extra comfy and rather a lot simpler. 

On that observe, here’s a helpful listing of phrases/phrases and their English translation to start with to get round and socialize if you go to Dubai the following time. 

Basic Useful Phrases in Arabic 

Now, let’s verify among the frequent phrases in Arabic that will likely be helpful for you if you journey to Dubai. Although virtually everybody speaks English, these phrases will provide help to really feel at dwelling with the Arabs. 

  • Naäam –  Yes.
  • Laa –  No.
  • min faDlik –  Please.
  • Shukran – Thank you.
  • Äafwan –  You’re welcome.
  • Aläafw –  Excuse me.
  • arjuu almaädhira – I’m sorry.
  • sabaaH alkhayr – Good morning.
  • masaa’ alkhayr – Good night.
  • tuSbiH äalaa khayr – Good night time.

How to Greet Someone in Arabic?

As in each different nation, well mannered greetings are vital within the UAE. So, it’s all the time courteous to begin a dialog with a greeting. When we greet a bunch of individuals, it’s excellent to say whats up to every particular person individually to make sure that everyone seems to be handled properly. 

Some of the commonest methods to greet somebody in Arabic are as follows:

  • Hello – ahlan 
  • Hello; greetings – marHaban 
  • Welcome – ahlan wa sahlan 
  • Peace be upon you. (formal/group) –as-salaam ‘alaykum. 
  • Good morning – SabaaH al-khayr
  • Good evening – Masaa’ al-khayr
  • Goodbye – ma’a as-salaama
  • Until we meet once more – ila-liqaa’ 

How to Ask and Respond to “How are you?”

The finest technique to start any dialog is by asking the greeting questions – How are you? or How’s it going? And the usual response to this query is “fine” or “good”. 

In Arabic, we ask, “how are you?” as “kayf Haalak?” And the formulaic, anticipated response needs to be bi-khayr, al-Hamdu lillah, which is translated as “Fine, praise God.”

However, in case you want some assist or want to describe how you actually really feel, you need to use the next phrases:

Start with “anaa . . .” (I’m . . . ) adopted by the below-given circumstances. 

And keep in mind that since masculine and female types of Arabic adjectives are completely different, contemplate that when you communicate. A masculine adjective might be modified to female by including an “a.” 

  • sa’iid/sa’iida (joyful)
  • Haziin/Haziina (unhappy)
  • ghaDbaan/ghaDbaa (offended)
  • ta’baan/ta’baana (drained)
  • bardaan/bardaana (chilly)
  • Harraan/Harraa (sizzling)
  • ‘aTshaan/’aTshaa (thirsty)
  • jaw’aan/jaw’aa (hungry)
  • mashghuul/mashghuula (busy)
  • mariiD/mariiDa (sick)

More Arabic Phrases To Use While Meeting An Arabic Native

  1. Knowing another person speaks English could make communication simpler for us whereas touring overseas. 
      • hal tataHaddath al’ingiliiziyya? – Do you communicate English? 
      • hal yuwjad aHad hunaa yataHaddath al’ingiliiziyya? – Does anybody right here communicate English?

2. This phrase can come in useful when somebody expects a reply or response from you within the Arabic language. 

      • anaa ataHaddath faqaT qaliil min aläarabiyya – I solely communicate somewhat Arabic.

3. Knowing one another’s names is crucial to constructing any relationship. Any dialog, after a greeting, might be began by asking the opposite particular person’s identify. 

      • maa ismuk? – What is your identify?
      • ismii Ismail – My identify is Ismail.

4. Express your happiness with this greeting phrase when you meet somebody.

      • anaa saäiid jiddan bimuqaabalatak – I’m very glad to satisfy you.

5. If you don’t perceive the present topic or state of affairs, you need to use this sentence.

      • anaa laa afham – I don’t perceive.

6. If you comprehend what somebody is saying, you possibly can categorical that with this phrase.

      • anaa afham tamaaman – I perceive completely.

7. When you are feeling that one thing is best or pleasing to you, you possibly can talk that by saying A’jabanee haqqan!

      • A’jabanee haqqan! – I actually prefer it!

8. If you aren’t proud of what you probably did, you possibly can categorical your apology to somebody by saying Afwan!/Aasef!, which means sorry. 

      •  Afwan!/Aasef!Sorry 

9. When you’re in a brand new place, it’s possible you’ll want to make use of this phrase far more typically. Ask this in case you want some favor from somebody, need assistance with instructions, and so forth. 

      • Hal beemkanek mosa’adati – Can you assist me?

What To Say When You Need Some Help While You Are In A Restaurant?

If you’re looking for a resort or in a restaurant for meals, you need to use these sentences whereas asking for or inserting an order. 

  • What time do you serve breakfast/ lunch/ dinner? – Mata yakun al’iftar/ alghada’/ alaesha’? – 
  • Is there a mattress and breakfast close by? – Hal yujad bansyon bilqurb min huna? 
  • Is there a restaurant close by? – Hal yujad mataeam bilqurb min huna?
  • What would you advocate? – maadha tanSaHna?
  • Shall we order now? – hal naTluba al-aan? 


Learning primary Arabic phrases and meanings in English is an excellent methodology to enhance the consolation stage of native interactions. If you’re in Dubai and are a newbie within the Arabic language, bookmark or save these phrases to make your journey straightforward and worry-free.


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